The Italian way of life

Eating, drinking, celebrating, meeting and making memories...

Time for each other

At the Buitencantine theme’s such as dining, family, friends and outdoor living are central just as in Italy. A place where you come together and take time for each other. Enjoy the wonderful dishes with the best ingredients. Whether you come by and have lunch, dinner or a celebration. We make sure you’re well taken care of.

Celebrate life

We created the Buitencantine because of thoughts of celebrating life by enjoying each other with food and drinks. We would like to call this the Italian way of life. Our Italian chef Fabrizio and his team promise you a fresh and modern look on favopurite classics from the Italian cuisine.

Passa presto al lago di Valkenburg! (Please visit us at the Valkenburgse meer!)

We are looking for colleagues!

We are looking for colleagues who want to join us. Do you want an Italian coffee and some small talk. Send us a message!